How to choose a good web hosting provider in Nigeria

It is easy to overlook some important factors when you want to start your website. This is because there are many hosts advertised with lots of features. Many providers offer cheap plans by overselling their servers. They cut corners on service quality and hardware. There is a negative impact on the quality of hosting you get from those providers.

web hosting provider in Nigeria

There are so many factors that you must consider before you host your website. Each can be weighed according to the features of the provider you want to use.

Technical Support: Try different companies by signing up on them and ask questions. If they respond quickly, choose them.

Disk space provided: Decide the number of disk spaces you need. A website with few visits per day and 1 email account needs 1GB of space. However, it is better to go for an unlimited package since your need might increase after some time.

Uptime: You should make sure there is 99% uptime on the web host. Don’t fall for those adverts you see on a search engine. You will be surprised to see that they experience downtime daily.

Domain Name: It is best to buy a domain name separately and then choose a hosting provider and point the domain to it. Most services offering domain and hosting on their platform make it difficult to transfer out when there is a need for it.

Backup: Make sure backup service is included in the package you want to use. As a platform that offers web hosting in Nigeria, we do that for free.

Anti-spam: Make sure that the hosting company has anti-spam software in the plan you want to buy.

Software: You should be given access to a control panel where you can perform different actions in your plan. You must be able to install any content management software easily.

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Choosing a good web hosting provider in Nigeria can be difficult when you don’t come across an article like this. For having such an opportunity, you should be happy.

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